sculpture / my sculptural endeavors began in my undergraduate years as a minor field of study. after a lengthy hiatus, it has returned to me, through my studio furniture work to become non-functional, large-scale abstract expressions in wood.
arborworks / all of my recent work is made from wood obtained from the ithaca, ny area and explores some aspect of the human/nature relationship, often focusing on an important environmental issue.

photography / my approach in photography is characterized by the image captured is the image found. none of the subject matter is staged nor is the lighting modified. none of the processing is manipulated nor are the images cropped. all of the works are in color but the intent is to challenge the banality of the snapshot through the power of composition and meaning.
landscapes / this theme explores the beauty of the natural spontaneous world juxtaposed with the inevitable imprint of the human presence. sometimes a balance is struck, sometimes not but always, the natural subject dominates these works.
builtscapes / this work explores the beauty of the artificial intentional environment, especially if the beauty is not deliberate. disparate acts of humankind combine with natural processes to leave historical traces, rich with variety and interest.
humanscapes / these pieces are characterized by the focus on a de-emphasized human subject, in both natural and artificial environments. the face is rarely shown, allowing more emphasis to be achieved through the context.